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MobiSecret is a user-friendly and efficient iPhone spy tool to monitor and check targeted iPhone or iTunes backup text
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16 April 2014

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Smartphones have literally changed the way we communicate with people these days. From apps that share real time information to features like GEO tagging and proximity search has made our phones a beacon for reaching out to others. However for all their positive effects, Smartphones have their drawbacks too. Let’s take the case of teenagers who are susceptible to external influence. Even if you have installed parental guidance software in your PC, you can do very little if your young kids are approached via social networks while they are using an iPhone. Thus to ensure the protection of your kids you can invest in a tool like MobiSecret 4.0. This application is essentially a spyware that can capture the actions performed on an iPhone and it can effectively track the conversations made and sites visited.

When you launch the MobiSecret 4.0 application, you can view a neat interface that showcases various elements that it has captured off the targeted iPhone. It can list the contact detail from which most phones have been received and display the entire list of WhatsApp messages. It can accurately display the call durations and let you know the contacts with whom maximum messages have been exchanged. Conversations are duly catalogued for you to go thorough while you also export the contact history. The tool can even dig out messages and contacts that have been deleted from the phone. This feature is extremely useful in tracking things that your wards may be trying to hide. While a free version of the tool exists, exploring the full version is suggested for better results.

The MobiSecret 4.0 application earns a score of three rating stars on account of its capacity to grab everything that is happening on the targeted iPhone with ease. Moreover it prowess in discovering deleted items adds to its overall usability.

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MobiSecret is an intuitive and users-friendly iPhone monitor and spy tool which can check targeted iPhone and iTunes backup files, ever those have been deleted on purpose or accidentally. It can provides users ability of going through spouse, employee and children iPhone data. As a spy software, it can assist to learn about your spouse or employee behavior. Most importantly, it can help parents stay in touch children¡¯ s behavior. Some of them may not know how the children are using their iPhone devices and who they contact with. As a useful parent control tool, it can reveal the all the kids¡¯ behavior and social circle, thus is really helpful for protective parents. The tool interface is fairly simple and straightforward. There is no need for experience and further introduction. Simple 2 clicks can complete the process. KEY Features: Display targeted iPhone and iTunes backup text message, calls, WhatsApp, including those have been deleted. Intelligently analysis data and highline suspicious details. Automatically export and save data.
Version 4.0
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